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Working with Tom was the best! He’s an experienced, talented dog trainer, who understands how to communicate effectively and kindly with confused owners. When you work with him, he takes the most troubling and frightening dog situations, helps you take a deep breath, and then finds a solution that works for you. I highly recommend working with Lucky Jack!
— Hannah Roddy

I want to share my experience of meeting with Tom Morais of Lucky Jack Dog Training and Rehabilitation. I saw first hand the love, kindness and care given to the dog I bought to him and his own dogs. I was really impressed with his understanding of animal behavior, his detailed explanation of the process, techniques and examples of how training is performed. I bought a beautiful 5 year old pit bull to him from San Francisco, I watched how this very smart dog responded to Tom, it was love, it was an incredible want and to please. There was only Tom’s very impressive professional skills and love of his animals that got this 5 year old to stay on his bed and not bolt for the open door. Something he has a predilection for! To say I was impressed is truly an understatement. They have an excellent secure, serene and safe place to train and rehabitate your your dog. I have no hesitation giving Tom and Lucky Jack Dog Training and Rehabilitation a very strong excellent review and would bring my dogs to him anytime for training I wish him every success in Colorado.
— John Pickles

Tom and Marilyn are such wonderful people, and I am so blessed I came across them on facebook when I was frantically searching for help with dog training.I started off with 2 small rescues, sweet but stubborn. Pulling while walking, barking, running away, anxiety. From the initial consult, my family was in love. They were so knowledgeable in their practice and have dealt with all sorts of scenarios. A lot of people try to rush my nervous chihuahua/ Jack Russel mix, but right away Tom could tell she was a nervous dog and let her warm up to him. I did not say a word, he could just pick up on my dogs’ behaviors.I was given so many tools to practice, and throughout the process was made very easy. The hardest part is re- training the human, because I spoil my dogs too much. But any questions or concerns I had, they were always a text or phone call away no matter how odd the question, and that I really appreciated. The patience here was tremendous!!So a few months later when I rescued a pitbull puppy and was completely frazzled and clueless I knew exactly who I was going to call. They have a big love for pitties, and work well will all dogs.After just the first day, my energetic pup was walking perfect on the leash!!If it was not for Lucky Jack Dog training I would not have the piece of mind I do today. Give them a call if you want someone knowledgeable who will be there for you every step of the way. Best Trainers ever!
— Kristen G