Hey there, dog lovers. Tom and Marilyn run Lucky Jack Dog Training here in Boulder county and we are branching out into the world of rescue. Our philosophy is simple- rescue dogs who have great potential to be loving, fulfilled family pets, train them up to be easily integrated into the average household, and adopt them to a loving family who will keep up on their training and give them a happily ever after.

Throughout our time in the training world, we’ve seen lots of folks who were on the verge of rehoming their beloved pets due to what we knew to be easily remedied behavior problems. Unfortunately, seeking help in the world of professional dog training can sometimes amount to a roll of the dice and not provide the owners with any solid, reliable, solutions. After exerting some effort and spending copious amounts of money, folks in this position make choices from a place of hopelessness and despair.

Wicked Lucky Dog Rescue aims to support folks in rehabilitating their dogs so that rehoming is no longer necessary. Additionally, for dogs surrendered due to common and simple behavioral issues, we will train and adopt them out with all the tools and techniques to keep them in “rock star mode” for the rest of their lives.

Stay tuned as we introduce these dogs to our community and feel free to share the dogs and our mission widely. Help these dogs live out their wicked lucky (and wicked happy) ending.