We’d love to have you and your dog join us for a free, educational pack walk! Before attending our event, please take a moment to read the following rules and register. Thank you!

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We want everyone to be able to relax and participate in this workshop without worrying about safety.

1. You may bring a dog to the class and we will help you keep him under control. If you need help, please be sure to register ahead of time. If you arrive early, we can troubleshoot with you. If it will help your learning and the weather allows, you could also keep him in the car to see the demonstration. Use your judgment and know we can help.

2. Dogs may NOT meet each other (i.e. nose to nose, sniffing, playing) during this class. We don't know the dogs who are coming and some dogs just need space. Additionally, the excitement of two dogs who are gearing up to play can be terrifying to a nervous dog (whose behavior issues might stem from this nervousness). We hope to help everyone with this event, so please, please, please watch your dog closely and don't allow your pups to get into another dog's space even if it looks like it would be a welcome meet-up. For reactive dogs (dogs who scream, bark, lunge, etc. while on a walk), one of the best things you can do while your pup is learning to walk properly is to allow plenty of space between the dog and a trigger. We will definitely honor this and will make sure you still get some help during the workshop.

3. All dogs must be on a regular leash - no more than 6 ft in length. Please do not use an extendable (also known as Flexi) leash. It's really difficult to know where your dog is and there is a danger of dogs getting tangled up with this proximity. Even though we're not having dogs meet up, please only bring dogs who are healthy and have current vaccinations.