Our Customized Private Training Program is comprised of 4 or 8 sessions at our training camp. We work together to develop a comprehensive plan to address all your concerns with obedience or other unwanted behaviors.

We can work on the walk to help both human and dog feel more comfortable - and we can get rid of such nastiness as:

  • excessive barking

  • lunging

  • pulling on the walk

  • counter surfing

  • running out the door

  • resource guarding

  • growling at people

    All while teaching important stuff like:

  • relaxed heel

  • place

  • sit/stay

  • recall on command

  • down

  • crate training

  • impulse control

    In our 4 or 8 1-hour training sessions we teach your dog these commands and proof the training to show your dog can sustain this new, improved behavior in different settings. we will use distractions like our personal dogs, other people and dogs in public.

Private Training - Includes 4 or 8 1-hour training sessions at our training camp. We also provide UNLIMITED FOLLOW UPS FOR LIFE!

This training program includes a lifetime membership to our Wicked Lucky Pack full of amazing perks and support from our trainers.