Congratulations on your new canine companion! Bringing home a new puppy can be exciting and rewarding but it often comes with a number of challenges. The Wicked Lucky Dogs team will teach you how to recognize and address the first signs of disruptive behaviors, as well as the importance of socialization. We’ll also help you with early obedience training, housebreaking issues, and more! Our Puppy School programs will help to start your dog on the right track to a more rewarding and stress free life.



Not all puppies are the same. They each have unique personalities and quirks. Because of this, our team personalizes each training session to fit your pup’s needs. Our Puppy Day Training program includes 2 full days of training, usually about a week apart. By the end of each day your puppy will be well on their way to being a well trained dog. We’ll end the day with a 1-2 hour long training session for you and your puppy where you’ll be shown everything your puppy has learned. We’ll also use this time to address any questions or concerns you may have.

Our trainers will help to begin puppy training process and teach you how to continue the training at home to create a positive and lasting relationship with your pup. You’ll get to see videos of your puppy being trained and we’ll go over tips and tricks to make training fun and rewarding.

Puppy Day Training (2 full days of drop off training 1 week apart)




Our Puppy Sleepover includes 4 full days and 3 nights with your puppy. It’s perfect for anyone who is planning to leave town for a few days, or simply needs time to get caught up on work. Plus it gives your new dog the opportunity to learn and develop basic obedience and social skills, polite leash manners, and experience what it feels like to be a “good dog”.

Our team will focus both on basic obedience training as well as addressing any specific issues your dog may be having. We’ll also provide them with scheduled feedings, potty breaks, and a bunch of encouragement so that they feel good about the changes they are making.

When the time comes for you to pick up your pup, we’ll spend 1-2 hours showing you everything your puppy has learned and we’ll provide you with hands on training so that you can leave feeling confident about your new relationship with your dog.

This program includes a follow-up training day 1 week after the initial training program. We’ll review how things are going at home and make adjustments as needed. At the end of the day we’ll have one more 1-2 hour training session with you and your puppy before sending you off to enjoy all of the benefits that training has to offer.

Puppy Sleepover (4 days and 3 nights of training with a 2 hour go home appointment and one follow up)




Let’s face it, house training is the least exciting part about bringing a new puppy into your home. Let us help to get your puppy on the right track by enrolling him in our Jedi Puppy program. This is a 7 day boarding program focusing on all of the things a new puppy needs to know. We’ll focus on house training, crate training, scheduled feeding, creating a daily routine for potty breaks, and basic behavior, including creating a calm and focused puppy and leash work. All young jedi will be staying with one of our trainers who will give them plenty of one-on-one attention day and night to help them learn what it means to be a well behaved dog.

For any dog with housebreaking issues. 7 day boarding program