One of the many benefits to enrolling in one of our training programs is that you are granted a lifetime membership to our Wicked Lucky Pack which includes access to the following member-only perks.

  • Boarding

  • Daycare

  • Reboot class

  • Wicked Lucky Pack Facebook page

  • Client only pack walks

  • 10% discount on all shop items (leashes, collars, and more!)


$50 per night (members only)

The benefit to boarding your dog at Wicked Lucky Dogs is that they will be taken care of by the people who trained them. You get all the benefits of traditional boarding along with structured walks, daily training sessions, and more!




$39 per day (members only)
$300 for 10 day punch pass (save $90, members only)

Unlike most daycares, this one is just for dogs that have been trained by the Wicked Lucky Dogs crew. This way your dog is surrounded by trainers who can provide them with a fun yet structured experience while you get caught up on whatever it is that you need to do that day.


$20 per class for 1 dog, $30 for 2 dogs (members only)

Our Reboot Class is only available to Wicked Lucky Pack members. We’ll be offering a class for those who need a bit of a refresher. If you have questions or concerns regarding your dog’s progress, this is a great opportunity for you and your dog to reconnect with us at our facility. Even if your dog is doing well with their training, it never hurts to bring them in to do some training in a structured and enriching environment. This also provides them with a chance to build their socialization skills in a controlled location.


Want access to the Wicked Lucky Pack perks? Enroll your dog in one of our training programs!